The Vienna Test System (VTS) was developed by an Austrian company Schufried and is a system for computerised psychological assessment, its function is to support the testing process as well as generate assessment results, manage the tests and the testees. All of the above processes are computer-assisted and conducted on a dedicated technological platform. The testees communicate with the system with the use of standard devices (mouse, keyboard) or specialised, sometimes test-specific.

ALTA cooperated with Schuhfried for 25 years, providing them with technological support and carrying out programming work relating to both the development of the technological platform for the system as well as the implementation of psychological tests on the platform.


Introducing the product to the Polish market

  • The system
    We localised the administration module and updated the Polish version a number of times. The task required a context-based approach, where detailed knowledge of the system functionality and the concept behind it was indispensable. We pioneered in introducing new lexical relations connected with managing and conducting computer-assisted psychological assessment.
  • Test procedures
    In order to prepare the Polish version of the tests we had to translate manuals, sample test items for practice purposes, the test procedure itself as well as various results interpretation forms (the assessment module and report). For questionnaires we developed and carried out the process of cultural adaptation.
  • Information for Users (handbooks/ test catalogue entries)
    We created the Polish versions of test descriptions in the form of catalogue entries and – where possible – test handbooks.
  • Norms
    We collected raw test results and developed the Polish norms for specific test procedures.

As Schuhfried’s partner ALTA offered the Vienna Test System to Polish clients. Among the clients were for example: Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, The Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, The Academy of Physical Education in Katowice.

As of January 2016 our content and technical support for the VTS in Poland is no longer provided.