The system was built with the use of an open administration module, the premise being that it would enable the activation (addition as modules) of various types of diagnostic tools for psychological assessment, knowledge testing etc.

The system comprised the following modules:

  • administration module
  • assessment module



  • processing, recording and storing personal data of employees or job candidates,
  • processing, recording and storing data relating to job descriptions and requirements,
  • conducting the test
  • storing the Assessment results in a database,
  • generating reports with test results.


The TestOutcomes system contained data protection mechanisms preventing unauthorised access, it enabled checking the number of conducted assessments, which guaranteed that observation of copyright rights to the used assessment tools, the system also allowed for effective data management.

The TestOutcomes was a local system installed separately on each user’s workstation.


Within the TestOutcomes system the following tests were implemented:

  • ProSelect
  • MultiSelect
  • WIS (Work Important Study)