RehaCom is a computer-assisted training system for cognitive rehabilitation. The system was developed by a German company HASOMED which is also the copyright holder. The indirect and since recently also direct cooperation between ALTA and HASOMED goes back to the late 90’s. We are the Polish distributor of the RehaCom system, and have been actively involved in promoting the idea of cognitive rehabilitation and stressing the benefits of the training which contributes to mental wellbeing of the patients.

RehaCom is a computer-based platform for managing the cognitive training process. The system operates locally or as a part of a local network, can also be used online. The difficulty of the training tasks may adapt depending on the user’s performance. The user communicates with the system via a dedicated panel, standard peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard), or alternatively eye tracking technology which makes it possible to offer rehabilitation to patients with motor dysfunctions.

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Launching the product on the Polish market

Before launching the RehaCom system on the Polish market the training procedures had to be culturally adapted. The process was conducted by ALTA in cooperation with experts from the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology led by prof. dr hab. Joanna Seniów.

Each newly introduced training procedure was culturally adapted.

We also localised the management system to incorporate the specific aspects of the Polish healthcare system. We update the new versions of the system released in response to the technological changes on an ongoing basis.

Our cooperation with HASOMED has been very successful, the evidence for which may be the fact that we systematically add new, complimentary devices for supporting rehabilitation to the RehaCom system, we also work in the area of preliminary and post-rehabilitation psychological diagnosis.