The ProSelect and MultiSelect tools were designed and developed to support, facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of personnel management in companies, institutions and organisations. The aim of these tools was to streamline the activities indispensable in the process of modern HR management and to make these activities effective, fast and economical. ProSelect was dedicated to supporting the process of evaluating candidates for managerial positions, whereas MultiSelect was more versatile and enabled the assessment of candidates for various specialist jobs.

The advantage of systems such as ProSelect or MultiSelect is their objectivity, which means that the results interpretation procedures are independent of momentary attitudes, moods or beliefs of the evaluators.

Due to changing socio-economic conditions ProSelect and MultiSelect ceased to be effective as methods for supporting the process of candidate and employee assessment.

Despite our sentiment we took a decision to withdraw these tools from our offer and stop their further development.



The author and content supervisor of the solutions known respectively as ProSelect and MultiSelect was Marek Adamiec, PhD. – academic staff member of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology and of the Management School of the Silesian University. A consultant in the field of HR processes, training, author of numerous research studies regarding human development and personality assessment in within the context of an organisation and professional career.

The tests were implemented in the TestOutcomes environment by the ALTA IT team.


Handbook authors:

Marek Adamiec, Tatiana Szostok, Monika Żak